Thursday, April 2, 2015

An Easter Basket For Miss Harper

April Fools was yesterday. I am happy to report that I went prank-free all day! Mike and I promised each other that we wouldn't do anything to one other but I was nervous about work. There are a couple people in my office that are total jokesters and love to play practical jokes. But thankfully nothing happened! Maybe they thought it was too expected. Did you guys get pranked? Did you see Pacman on Google Maps? So fun!


Because I know you haven't seen enough Easter baskets yet on the Blogosphere, I thought I would add to the theme. #sarcasm

I made one for my niece to open when we go over to her house on Easter Sunday for dinner. I know her parents and both sets of grandparents will be gifting her baskets as well so I wanted to make a fairly simple one. Most of the items in here are from the dollar spot at Target or the dollar store.

I included a sunhat, pencil crayons, a pinwheel, bubbles, sunglasses, a chocolate bar, peeps, flashcards, Frozen tattoos, and a little purse.

As you can see, I stuck everything into the hat because I couldn't figure out a different way to arrange it. Girlfriend loves Frozen (she calls it "Go" because of the song Let It Go. Love!) so I think the temporary tattoos will be a hit. I know she will be getting tons of candy already so I tried to limit the amount of sweets in here. Full disclosure: I bought her a huge chocolate Minnie Mouse and left it in the car. Who knew that it would melt in 2°C (40°F) weather? I think the sun beaming through the windshield may have had something to do with it. Oops.

Harper is two years old and is so fun and active at this age. She's old enough to have her own preferences and I love watching her grow up and become a little lady! It's true what they say: kids definitely make the holidays so much more fun!

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  1. What a cute idea with the sun hat! Also, temporary tattoos -- the best part of childhood!