Tuesday, April 14, 2015

TV Potpourri

I don't think of myself as a TV addict. But when it comes to my shows, I have to watch them. And as I recap my favourite ones, the list seems pretty long. And somewhat embarrassing. Some are shows that I have been watching since I was in my teens. We all have guilty pleasures though... so be kind!

I just got into Big Brother a couple years ago. Ooooooh my goodness, where have I been all these years? I LOVE this show. The strategies, crazy personalities, and twists keep me on the edge of my seat. Canada now has their own version, so I happily indulge in a double dose every year.

I have been watching DWTS for years. I took dance classes when I was younger and love seeing all the celebrities go through the strenuous process of learning how to dance. It's not easy! The professionals are so talented and come up with amazing choreography! My favourites are Mark Ballas and Val Chmerkovskiy (special shout out to Maks!) As for the contestants, this year I am rooting for Nastia Liukin and Rumer Willis.

For similar reasons, I love So You Think You Can Dance. The talent on here is phe.no.men.al. Same goes for choreography. It really makes me wish I stuck with dance. Lots of the contestants end up as pros on DWTS or dancing on tour with musicians. I saw them live on tour and it's even better in person!

This is the only talk show I watch, but I love Jimmy. I thought he was great on SNL and he's even better as the host the Tonight Show. I dream of going to see a live taping one day! We record it the night before and watch when we get home while cooking dinner. It's one of my favourite routines of the day.

This is a new show that has really caught my attention. I started watching it after Gina Rodriguez won a Golden Globe and it's turned out to be so addicting! It's cute, funny, and I can't wait for the season finale! Highly recommended.

Girls. SO good. Kind of like a younger, crazier version of Sex and the City. Lena Dunham is everything.

This family gets a TON of hate. But I love them. I think they are good people. So say what you will, this show is a must every Sunday night. And I may or may not follow them all on IG.

The Royals airs after KUWTK and has only had a couple episodes but I think it will become a cult favourite. It's about a fictional modern-day British royal family. I love anything to do with the British monarchs, and even though this is a far stretch from the actual family, it is really good.

Aaaand Teen Mom. It follows four girls that got pregnant in their teens, as they navigate growing up, rearing their (adorable) toddlers and face tons of difficulties. Raising a kid isn't an easy task and they have so much other stuff to deal with. After so many years, I feel like I have gotten to know these girls and I'm really rooting for them to succeed in their lives. Well... most of them.

Other honourable mentions go to The Office (watched the whole series!), Jeopardy (my husband loves trivia and dreams of being a contestant), Full House (favourite show when I was a kid), Broad City, SNL, Blackish, Big Bang Theory, The Hills (#teamLC), and Orange Is The New Black. Oh, and HGTV. Anything on HGTV.

After writing this post, that's a lot. Maybe I am a TV addict? Especially a reality TV addict. Thank goodness for PVR (or DVR, or Tivo, or whatever it's called in your neck of the woods.)

What are your favourite shows? Current? Past?


  1. I am totally a reality tv lover! haha I keep hearing royals is so good! I just started watching 90210 on Netflix and I am in love! Based on these ones, I bet you would like it, too! And it is awesome because it has good values and it isn't based on sex or drugs like so many shows these days

    Lovely Little Rants

  2. I have never heard of Girls, but it sounds really interesting! Going to have to look it up. :)

  3. I think Rumor is actually really amazing and I have to say I'm such a fan of reality tv - anything on bravo I'll watch LOL! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. Girl I am the same way! I am so bad with my reality television shows haha I too love Jane the Virgin, it is soooo adorable. I am also a huge Real Housewives watcher haha Oh man, I could go on and on, basically I watch way too much television but you have a lot of my favorites here!

  5. Ahhhhh, hahaa - I must shamefully admit that I did (and still!) watch Teen Mom... I missed few seasons in between, but it's a car wreck that I just can't peel my eyes away from, ha!

  6. I loveee SYTYCD! But Royals and the Kardashians are definitely a guilty pleasure!
    xo Southern Style

  7. I keep hearing how awesome The Royals is I need to check it out! I'm a big Housewives Fan except. I always get sucked into the ridiculous drama!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  8. I love Dancing with the Stars!! Usually it's in the background but it's on every Monday! I'm also really getting into the Royals!