Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weekending: Victoria Day Long Weekend

Hello everyone! It was so good to unwind a little bit this long weekend. Let's dive right in

Mike and I spent most of Friday preparing for the long weekend. We had to clean the house and do groceries for when my family came. We pretty much ran around all afternoon after work and had dinner at Costco. Costco has amazing poutine here. Is poutine a thing in the states? It should be!

My mom and brother came on Saturday and I really love having them over. There's nothing like just hanging out with your family and taking it easy. My brother's birthday is this Wednesday and since we won't see him on Wednesday, we celebrated on Saturday. More about that tomorrow :)

Sunday we really got to work.  Our outdoor areas were in dire need of some love. We kind of suck at gardening and we pretty much haven't done anything since last summer. My mom is such a huge help and I seriously couldn't do it without her. There were dead leaves, weeds, and grossness everywhere. It felt really good to get things looking a little bit more tidy. And then I brought my mom with me to a couple nurseries to pick out some flowers to stick in pots.

Monday the yardwork continued since all the stores were closed. I really wanted to get begonias for my outdoor pots because my grandmother loves them and has dozens of them in her garden. It makes me feel a little bit closer to her despite the ocean that separates us.

And since the boys were left to fend for themselves while my mom and I were gardening, we all went out to the nearby elementary school to shoot the basketball around. Did you ever play Twenty-One growing up? We showed Philip how to play and now he says he's going to teach all of his friends! It was definitely fun to be a little active!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!
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  1. I like the flowers. Pretty.

  2. Poutine is not a thing here, but my husband wishes it was!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Never played 21, however I did play Bump and that was a fun game to play. And that cake looks just so delicious! Is it a cookies and cream cake?

    liz @ sundays with sophie