Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Father's Day Gift Guide

I have always struggled with gift ideas for the men in my life. Guys are just super hard to shop for! But I dug deep and tried to think of a few things that could show how much dads are appreciated.

  1. Tickets to a ball game: The men in my life love sports. Specifically baseball. We have been taking my father-in-law to a baseball game for a few years now on Father's Day and he loves it. He has pretty much everything he could want, so we use this opportunity to spend quality time and make memories with him. 
  2. Boxed DVD set: Everyone has their favourite show and I'm sure they would appreciate some down time to just sit back and watch. DVDs are great because they have all the extra stuff like deleted scenes, bloopers, etc. that TV and Netflix don't offer.
  3. Cologne: Figure out what his favourite scent is and top up his cologne stash. 
  4. Wireless headphones: These have been all the rage lately. And I can see why! Long wires can be annoying when working out. It seems like every guy I know is lusting over them!
  5. Coffee gift card: Tim Hortons now offers custom reloadable gift cards. Upload a picture of your little ones or the whole family to remind him how loved he is. 
  6. Cornhole boards: I have to be honest and say that I have never played cornhole but I really want to! It seems like such a fun outdoor activity for the whole family. Etsy has some great options. 
  7. Team apparel: Does he have a favourite team? My husband is all about the UNC Tar Heels and loves to flaunt it! This site has a great selection and almost always free shipping!
Do you know what you're getting the dad in your life for Father's Day this year? Are you all about the experiences like we are? 


  1. The corn hold idea is great! I love that game; it screams summer AND football to me!

  2. These are the best ideas! Totally going to look into getting tickets for Eric to go see the Diamondbacks (it's kind of sad how cheap the seats are, ha ha!) I feel like a Father's Day gift for my dad is easy peasy.... anything about Mia and he's a big ol' puddle, ha! But I feel like it's totally harder for Eric! I help Mia make a card for him but then I feel like I need to do a mind blowing gift for him to show him how much I appreciate him as a husband and father, ha!

  3. What good ideas! I swear, my dad is the hardest person to shop for out of everyone I know. These are great ideas!

  4. The wireless head phones are a great one - I think Im going to save that one for the holidays for my dad! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I love gifting experiences-it's so fun to make great memories together. :)

  6. I will probably get my dad a six-pack of his favorite beer, since he is always guaranteed to like that.

  7. What is it with men and headphones?! My husband is obsessed with them. Wireless?! I guess I know what I'm getting him now!