Monday, June 15, 2015


Howwwww is it Monday already? The weekend flew by with lots of rain and family time. 

Friday Mike had another softball game but the weather didn't exactly come out to play. It wasn't bad enough to cancel the game, but it was bad enough to get the bottom of your pants wet. I hate that. You don't know if the umbrella needs to come out because it's just annoying mist.

I can't really complain about Saturday. It was a lovely day. I had a hair appointment at 9 in the morning. It always seems like a good idea to book things for the morning but then when it comes time to wake up I always regret it. I just went in to touch up my highlights and get rid of the dead ends. 

It takes forever but it's so worth it. Hair Appointment Day is right up there with New Mascara Day. So good. Please forgive the Instagram repost:

Afterwards, my brother came over to hang with his sister and brother in law. Since we haven't seen the sun much these days, we really wanted to take advantage of it and spend some quality time outside. We dug up an old frisbee and threw it around at a nearby park. I seriously didn't know how tiring it can be! Way more running than I anticipated but it got us outdoors and we all had a great time. 

After dinner Mike was really excited to introduce my brother to the world of sports sticker books. Mike told me he has great memories of getting packs of stickers and learning about the players as a kid. We got Philip a baseball book and a couple packs to get him started. It was so cute to watch them bond over this and for Mike to teach Philip a little bit more about the sport. I can really see that he's going to be a great dad to our kids one day. 

Sunday had another early start with another softball game starting at 9am. We drove all the way over, despite the pouring rain because it had not been cancelled yet. I wasn't in the mood to get drenched so I hung out in the car. They played half an inning and then it got shut down. 

There was another basketball playoff game Sunday night so I had to find something else to do while Mike was occupied. I have heard so much about the show Southern Charm so I decided to check it out. I didn't realize it's a reality show but I think I like it so far. Should I keep watching? 

And that's all for today folks. Exciting stuff, huh?

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  1. I have to admit that your dreary, wet weather sounds totally perfect! We are roasting away at 113 degrees every day this week and well? I think it's going to kill me!
    Gorgeous hair! I just made my appt for when I go back to visit Utah in July! Goodness, I miss my salon (and having access to getting my hair done whenever I want... I'm far too lazy to put foils in my own hair, ha ha! That's what I'm going to have to do once I get too far along in my pregnancy to travel back to Utah though.)