Monday, June 29, 2015


We spent Friday evening at Mike's softball game. He swung for the fences and I admired the gorgeous sunset.

The rest of our weekend looked like this:

Rain, rain, and more rain. It rained like woah. We were really hoping on clocking some outdoor time on this first official weekend of the summer. My brother came over with his soccer ball and scooter, both of which didn't get used at all. And now that the warmer temps have been here for a while, I pretty much completely forgot how to entertain a ten year old indoors. I didn't grow up with fancy games but I remember my mom always played Battleship with me on paper. Anyone else do this?

Today is my half birthday which I am embarrassingly excited about. If you didn't already do the math, my actual birthday is on December 29th. Kind of a sucky date. As a kid, I wished my birthday was in the summer so that I can have fun outdoor parties. Nowadays I just wish it wasn't right after the craziness of Christmas. Can I adopt June 29th as a birthday? Any other December babies out there that get their gifts wrapped in Christmas paper lol?

Hope ya'll had a wonderful weekend! We have a short week coming up and I'm.So.Excited!!

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  1. I love cotton candy sunsets we get in the summer!! I'm so excited for the short week :) Happy Monday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. My husband was born on July 5th, so his birthday "celebrations" were just added to family gatherings and cook-outs. He did not get to enjoy specific parties for him.

  3. How pretty is that sunset?! I am so sick of the rain!

  4. that sunset is gorgeous!!! Did you use a regular phone or camera for that? Happy half birthday :) I'm an October baby not a December one, but I still had several friends growing up who were all born on December 24-28th.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  5. My husband plays softball too! Except he plays on Tuesday nights and it's always super late or I would totally take Mason to watch :)