Monday, July 13, 2015


We didn't do anything exciting this weekend but we sure got a lot done! Mike and I checked a few things off of our summer to-do list. We fiiiinally picked out photos to hang above our loveseat in the living room. This took a ton of deliberation but we ended up deciding on black on white photos of some of our favourite places.

Do you recognize any of them? We have the old well from University of North Carolina (Mike's favourite college/sports team), a monument in my birth city in Poland (representing the citizens of Szczecin), the Statue of Liberty (NYC is one of our favourite American cities), and the Clemente Bridge in Pittsburgh (where we got engaged and frequently visit). 

This weekend we also tried out a new local food spot. We got word that a new Greek restaurant opened so we got us some gyros. And they were so delicious! We will definitely be going back.

I also channelled my younger self and wore pigtails. (And no makeup. Hello, freckles!) I'm still unsure if I liked the pigtails or looked ridiculous. Thoughts? Am I too old for them?

Mike was out at a baseball game on Sunday and I went for a nice long Sunday drive in the countryside. It was so pleasant and relaxing. I stumbled upon a little lake and had to get out and take a picture or two. I'm such a suburbs girl but sometimes love being in the country in the middle of nowhere. I kind of envy the people who can live out there. Things just seem so peaceful. 

Aside from all that, I spent way too much time playing Diner Dash on my phone. That game might have to get deleted because it's such a time suck! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Ohhhh now I am craving some good greek food! YUM! Xx.

  2. Those photos look so classy and gorgeous! I wish I had some sort of design sense haha

  3. The photos look great! I love the white frames with the black and white images. As always, I'm SO impressed with your ability to get shiz done around the house!

  4. Love the black and white pictures you chose and that they all have a special meaning! :)

  5. I think the pigtails look fine on you. In my opinion, they are only little-girl-ish when people add ribbons/bows.

  6. Yay for checking things off your summer list!
    Those gyros look delish!
    Love your pigtails! I sported some pigtail braids this weekend, ha ha!

  7. I love the pictures above your couch! They are perfect and I love the meaning behind them!

  8. Love the black and white photos of your favorite places! I have a chicken wire frame that hosts pictures of some of our favorite places. Good memories!