Monday, August 17, 2015


Happy Monday everyone! This weekend was go-go-go for us and I basically passed out last night from exhaustion. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I really like to feel productive and since I don't usually do much around the house during the week, all the good stuff tends to be left for the weekend. And by good stuff, I mean chores.

Mike had a softball game that we thought might get rained out. It was so gloomy and cloudy but they got the game in despite some scary lightening in the distance. My mom and another softball wife kept me company in the stands. I'm truly going to miss these games once his season ends. It's just as much of a social event for me as it is for him.

I managed to convince Mike that this is the weekend we should (finally!) finish painting. We are repainting almost our entire house and just had one small area left. And that one little area was waiting for us for a few weeks. Ok fine, I'm lying, it was more like a few months. Like, since the spring. We went HAM a bunch of weekends in a row but then got distracted and took a very long break. But I am so happy to report that we are officially done with Maui Mist! We spent most of Saturday prepping and doing the first coat. I feel like the first coat always takes way longer.

I attended Mike's cousin's baby shower on Sunday morning. It was outside in her parents' beautiful backyard and it was so nice to catch up with some people on his side of the family. I can't wait to meet her little girl in a few short months!

Once I got home, I immediately changed into my painting clothes and we tackled the second coat. There was no way we were not going to finish this job this weekend. By Sunday we were both so eager to just get it over with. I feel so proud that we did it all ourselves and I think it looks amazing! The area we painted is still in shambles and we have to hang the frames back up and move the furniture back in place. But that'll have to wait until tonight after work.

In between all that, laundry and cleaning happened too. So we rewarded ourselves with a quick break to watch a movie. We watched Get Hard with Will Farrell and Kevin Hart and I thought it was pretty funny! But really, when is a Will Farrell movie not hilarious! Have you seen it?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Of course you're painting again and putting us all to shame! We did a lot of housework this weekend too... By Sunday night I was exhausted!

  2. Yay on getting all the painting done! Congrats - that's a major chore. Bet that feels good knowing it's completed. We still have random spots around our house that need to be painted, but we just cannot ever find the time!

  3. Your landing light fixture is fabulous! Productive weekends are the best, but I wonder, when do you ever have a lazy one?! ;)

  4. YAY for getting all the painting done!!! Seriously, that's one thing I hate and leave to the professionals. Aka we never painted any walls when we moved into the townhouses we're renting LOL. Oops. I just put up pictures and pretend thats good enough :) Kudos to you guys!!! Looks great!

  5. That baby shower looks beautiful! I love the cake! My husband used to play on a softball team at his last job and I really enjoyed going to the games too. There isn't a team at his new job and we both miss it! :(

  6. Hooray for painting and for baby showers! Fun + productive weekend :)! xx

  7. I love your house!!!! It is so pretty and so exciting to get to put so much time into making it your own :)