Thursday, September 10, 2015

7 Things I Have Learned About Blogging

September marks 6 months of Fortunate House! Really, this isn't very long at all but I love this little space so much. I didn't really know what to expect when I started. I was so scared and nervous and excited all at once.

Would anyone ever read this? Would people think it's silly? What would I write about? How often will I write? Would I give up after a month or so?

It was a very sharp learning curve and I definitely picked up a few tips along the way.

1. The beginning is slow
When I started out, I had 0 readers. And I was fine with that. I had very low expectations and didn't know much about the blogging world. Slowly, people started finding my little slice of the internet and eventually kept coming back. It's still very teeny tiny around here but I'm cool with that. Which leads me to...

2. Set goals
I'm all about mini milestones. I patted myself on the back for writing my 50th post. I hurrayed at getting my first bloglovin' follower. I'm jumping up and down for being here for 6 months! Little by little I keep on trucking and I love it more every day. I still have so much to learn though. Maybe paying a little bit more to HTML in high school would have helped.

3. Big stats aren't the only indicator of success
Some blogs are all about the income or the pageviews. And that's totally cool but that's just not me. I don't ever expect to make a penny off of this or have a billion readers. I don't use Google Analytics or promote anything on other social media. For me, success is feeling good about my site and maybe even helping a person or two with some advice. I am so happy to treat this as a little hobby and it really helps keep me busy while Mike is watching sports.

4. Be you
So typical, right? But so important. I'm not in the business of faking it. I ain't got no time for that! I love reading other blogs and the ones that are the most honest are the ones that keep me coming back.

5. The friendships are real
One of my favourite parts about blogging are the friendships that are formed. I love to follow along with other blogs and keep up with my online friends. It's hard to explain and I don't think nonbloggers will ever really get it, but it's real! The conversations that can stem from posts are great.

6. The blogging community is kind
Yes there are haters all over the internet, but luckily, I have not encountered any. Almost all of the people I converse with are other bloggers that are truly positive and always uplifting. I find such great support in this virtual world. You ladies are the best!

7. Learn from others
Another amazing benefit is learning from other bloggers. I love reading posts about product reviews, travel, recipes, and parenting advise. Someone else out there has likely been through what you're going through and blogged about it. I'm such a researcher and I can't even count how many things I have bought on recommendation from others. Word of mouth is huge!

And with that, I want to shout a big THANK YOU for reading what I have to say! You're the best. I mean it. Really. Muuuuuah!


  1. Happy 6th months! I love everything you said- especially about 0 readers! It's odd, but I agree with blog friends! I'm excited for what is yet to come from your slice of the intraweb!!! Just no more revelations like milk in bags...

  2. These are great tips - and I totally agree on the kindness of the blogging community. Six months is so inspiring - thanks for sharing!

  3. Happy 6 months!! I'm so glad I found you and I love your blog! Your tips are so true... especially the ones about forming friendships (that non-bloggers definitely don't understand!), learning from others (I've definitely reached out for various things and people are always so kind!) and being YOU. I love it when people are real and are them and don't try to copy others. I've actually stopped reading a few blogs of people who did just that. So happy you started your blog!

  4. Yay 6 months!! Blogging truly is my favorite for the friendships it has brought into my life (aside from the documenting. Obviously I love documenting our life!) On Saturday we went to my best friend's little boy's birthday party (he and Mia are actually little besties as well- it couldn't have worked out more perfectly!) and it was super fun explaining to people how we met, ha ha! We became blogging friends 5 or 6 years ago, met in real life, planned vacations together and now we live in the same valley, YAY! She stopped blogging years ago so it's hard for her friends and family to process how we even met, but it makes for a lot of laughs when telling our story :) ha ha! I have a handful of other close (blog turned real life) friends thanks to blogging, and I couldn't be more grateful!

  5. Happy 6 months!!! Forming new friendships through blogging is truly one of my favorite things too!

  6. I don't recall an HTML class being offered in high school at all, I would so have taken it. I still google on how to do things :/

    And I love that blogging has meant I met you :) I love reading about you and mike! Happy 6 months of blogging :)

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  7. Happy 6 months!!! I have been blogging for three years and it still amazes me every day that I can connect with so many wonderful people though my blog and reading theirs!!! I will never be a "big blogger" because I pay zero attention to my page views and I wont write a review on something just because I got it for free. Stick to your core values and beliefs and it will always be a fun thing for you!

  8. Happy 6 months girl! I'm all about the little milestones and celebrating them!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  9. Girl, I totally relate to not having readers like for a whole YEAR lol. So by my model, youre wayyy ahead of the curve ;) But like you said Im not in it for profit, its a fun hobby thats all my own and the friendships by far, are the greatest rewards. Happy half year Anniversary!!!

  10. I can't believe you've only been doing this for 6 months! You've got it figured out, girlfriend! And I totally agree with all of these - especially the part about the blogging community being amazing. There are some really kind, passionate, wonderful women out there blogging. I love the friendships I've made through my blog. :)

  11. Yes to every single one of these! My six month mark will be at the end of October and I've definitely learned each and every one of these. Blog friends are the best! I totally rolled my eyes before I had a blog when bloggers talked about the blogging community and now I totally understand!

  12. Happy 6 months! I agree, the blogging community is awesome so many inspiring sweet ladies in blogland!