Thursday, September 3, 2015


Reading - Do Instagram captions count? I definitely do not  have enough time to commit to a book right now. I quick scroll through some photos with words underneath is about all I can handle these days. 

Anticipating - My Old Navy order to arrive! Expected delivery: tomorrow! ON always has some awesome online sales and I totally took advantage and picked up some new fall pieces. Caaaan't wait! 

Buying - Still shopping for those perfect fall booties, y'all. I love so many that I can't pull the trigger on just one pair. 

Listening - I'm kind of digging the new Justin Bieber song. Sorry not sorry. 

Watching - Big Brother, all the time. What can I say, it's on three days a week and we record all the After Dark episodes. Can't stop, won't stop.

Devouring -  We found pumpkin pie ice cream at the grocery store recently. There's almost none left. Give me alllll the pumpkin things!

Loving - My amazing husband. Duh. He's so kind, funny, and caring and I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet to be his wife.

Hating - This monster cold sore that I am sporting right now. I have never had one before this and it sucks. It hurts, bleeds, and is literally the size of Mount Kilimanjaro. 

Wanting - the perfect red buffalo check button up shirt. Long enough to cover my behind and less than $30. And recommendations? 

Hoping - So we are thinking of building a new home in the next few years and our favourite builder is rumoured to be releasing a new phase of houses to close in 2018, which is our perfect timeframe. Anyway, I am hoping that they have some good floorplans available in this phase! I have one floorplan that I am in love with that was released in one of their other communities and I would loooove for that to be one of the options! 

Feeling - Super thankful to be able to maintain such a close relationship with my grandparents. Thank you modern technology! When I first moved to Canada, I would have to write them letters and it was so much less personal. Now we Skype each other a few times a week and are closer than ever. They really mean so much to me.

Wishing - I had more self-discipline to eat healthy. I have such a sweet tooth and could really benefit from a more balanced diet. 


  1. I'm the same way it's hard for me to make time to read!

  2. uh yes, reading instagram captions count. Along with reading any blogs :)

    I just bought some clothes :) I love receiving packages even if I bought it for myself.

    On the diet, you and me both honey. I snack soo much, and it got crazy over sweets.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  3. Ummm pumpkin pie ice cream???? Why must these temptations be a thing? Haha! I haven't checked out ON in a long time...their spring/summer collection wasn't for me but I love fall clothes so I will have to check it out!

  4. I'd love some more self-discipline in the eating department (typed as I'm eating pretzels and dip).

    Old Navy has some cute stuff this season.

  5. ON is a favorite of mine too! Such great price points, but I get myself in trouble by using my GapCard lol. Pumpkin anything just does me in!

  6. Ohh man pumpkin pie ice cream??? I'm forcing myself to be good for the next three weeks but next time I get a cheat day I am going to be all over that! Your ON stuff looks so cute! I want a red buffalo print shirt too, they are so cute for Fall!

  7. Oh, if you find the perfect buffalo check shirt (long), PLEASE let me know! I'm on the hunt too!

  8. I would say that YES Instagram accounts count because that's all I'm reading as well ;) ha ha!
    That would be so exciting to build another house in the coming years!

  9. I have the worst sweet tooth too! It takes over my body and mind when my favorites are around. Ha!

  10. You should never ever be sorry for being a Belieber! I'm loving his new song too!


  11. Reading : IG quotes. Heck yeah girlfriend! That's me too. Hence why I'm just now reading this... 4 days later. So sorry!
    And seriously HOW EXCITING to possibly be getting a new house!!! That would be SO awesome! So jealous of you. I'll have to live vicariously through you :)