Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Favourite: Perfect Trouser Pants

Hello Hello! Happy Friday! Before we all head off for the weekend, let's quickly chat about what I'm loving right now. 

These pants. (Canadians click here)

They are my favourite pants to wear to work. My office's dress code is business casual on the regular but during the summer (and Fridays) we get to dress more casual. I can't lie, I am much better at dressing business casual than casual. I prefer dress pants and skirts to jeans. Anyone else?

These pants from Gap have been around for a while. I got my first pair a couple years ago and still wear them to work all the time. They are a comfy light fabric and super flattering for everyone. Most importantly for me, they come in long length. So many companies don't offer a longer inseam and if they do, it maxes out at 34". I can't do 34" with heels. I need a 36" at least for them to not look ridiculous. And there are few worse fashion faux pas than when pants are too short. Gap, I love you for remembering us tall girls! 

I also LOVE these pants from their line. 

After having them for a while, they are still in perfect shape, have not faded, haven't shrunk nor pilled from the dryer. Love!

Oh, and they are on crazy sale right now. So excuse me while I got get another pair. 

See you on Monday! 


  1. I love these pants! I'm totally terrible at casual too! I'm either business or soccer mom workout gear. When people tell me it's a casual event I cringe ;)

  2. Look like great pants! I actually love wearing dresses, our work code is more business casual to dressy casual. Dresses I feel are like the perfect in between for that. How tall are you? 36 inch seam sounds like Kyle. He may be taller though.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  3. I am a fan of Gap jeans, I haven't tried any of their dress pants. Perhaps I need to!

  4. It's so weird for me to go to work now because my new work is casual. Like CASUAL. Like if I wear a scarf with my outfit, I'm dressed up lol. I feel like I knew how to dress when I had a business casual job but now I want to look cute (though its all guys and they don't care - hence the causal lol) but not too dressed up!