Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Aaaah long weekends. How I love them. This one was the last weekend of summer and it was the perfect way to end the season.

School starts tomorrow for children and for Mike. He seems pretty excited to be going back to work. I always remember looking forward to going back to school after the summer. It meant a fresh start, new school supplies, and reuniting with friends. These days it's pretty much the same as any other month of the year, minus a little extra traffic than usual. I am wishing all kids and teachers a happy first day of school and a successful school year.

This last weekend of summer wasn't an eventful one, just like we wanted. On Friday, we drove over to the States after I was done work for a little shopping and dinner. I, of course, hit up Target since I haven't been in forever. I grabbed about ten different things with me to the change room but only ended up getting a couple tops for work.

Oh and a ton of ELF makeup and brushes because it's so cheap. We also picked up and order that we had sent to our US mailbox which contained a ton of UNC clothing. Mike is trying hard to get me to cheer for them with him so he ordered me three new UNC sweatshirts, all of which I totally love! I think he will be successful.

We ended up having a delicious dinner at the Olive Garden. Oh so filling. I ended up feeling full well into the next day from their large portions.

On Saturday, we went to a Polish Festival with my mom and brother. I have mentioned before that I moved here as a child from Poland. I have a ton of family and friends there that I keep in close touch with and I try to stay current with the Polish-Canadian community here. The festival had a bunch of Polish food vendors, pop up shops, and musicians. My favourite is always the folk dancing because I used to folk dance when I was younger.

PS- Poland won one of their qualifying games for the Euro2016 yesterday! And Lewandowski scored three times! Woo!

No pictures of me because I am still nursing my monster of a cold sore and I don't really feel the need to document it.

Sunday and Monday were spent at home. We cleaned, did laundry, washed the car, and watched a ton of TV. I have put off decorating the house for fall for another week or two because he temperatures have been in the 30s (80s F) this weekend and it didn't feel right quite yet. I am on the hunt of the best priced mums though!

And now, a short week! Hope you had a great long weekend too!

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  1. Happy un-weekend! Glad you got to go to the Polish festival; it sounds like a nice way to stay in touch with home!

  2. I like that striped top in the Target fitting room! I am all about stripes, have been since high school :) The Polish festival sounds like tons of fun!! There was a strong Polish community in my hometown in PA because a lot of people settled in that area. My grandma always used to take us. Hope you have a great week!

  3. Sounds like you had a awesome long weekend! I love Target one of my fav stores!

  4. I love that stripe tunic, hope that made its way home with you! There was a Greek festival this weekend in my city, lol.

  5. Yayy what a fun weekend E!! Oh how I love Target, I hope you got that stripped shirt, it's super cute! I bet the Polish festival was so amazing! I wish I had roots to embrace and go to cool festivals but I honestly don't really know what I am hah Hope your cold sore goes away soon! :(
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  6. Girlll, Target does it again!! Sounds like a pretty great weekend :)

  7. Do you have to come to the US to go to Target? If so, Canada needs to get on that! You guys need a Target!
    Random question.. your work is year round, right? But your husband is a teacher and has summers off? What does he do all summer when you're at work and he's off? I feel like I'd put him to work and give him a honey do list :)

  8. That polish festival sounds like so much fun!! Sounds like an all around great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston