Friday, October 30, 2015

Simply Me

Another question link-up post! I love these things.

This one is hosted by my blogger friend Liz at Sundays with Sophie. There are 5 questions every month to answer and this month is all about geography. Well really it's about the States but I am adapting it to include Canada because that's where I am! 

Q: I've lived in ___ states (number of states)
A: In Canada, I have only lived in Ontario. But! I was born in Poland and lived there for almost six years. When we moved to Canada, my family settled in Toronto and I have lived in Southern Ontario ever since. I sometimes dream of moving to a multitude of various places but I know it's not realistic. Being close to family is really important for me and I can't imagine not being near them!

Q: My favourite state is _______
A: Hmmm... good question. My favourite province is probably BC because it is so beautiful and different from the rest of Canada. As for a state... I might have to say North Carolina? (Mike is jumping with joy right now I'm sure, big Tar Heels fan!) We drove down for the first time last year and I was really impressed. I fell in love with the Southern hospitality and culture. Not to mention, their weather situation seems pretty perfect.

driving into NC (December 2014)

Q: Why do you live in the state you currently live in?
A: I touched on this before but Ontario is where my parents moved to when we all moved to Canada. They probably chose Ontario because of the job opportunities and they knew some people in Toronto already. And then I met Mike here and it just made sense to stay put.

Admiring the Toronto skyline. Can you see the CN Tower in the background? (April 1994)

Q: Would you move to another state?
A: I don't think so. Like I said, I can't imagine moving away from my family. I think if I was to move anywhere, it would be back to Poland to be with the rest of my family. However, if you told me I had to pick an alternate location around here, I would probably want to move somewhere in the States. And maybe a state that doesn't have below-freezing temperatures in the winter! 

Q: What is your state known for?
A: Ontario is probably the most known for Toronto. And housing the capital. And Niagara Falls and CN Tower. Tim Hortons. And Drake and Justin Bieber (aaaaand The Weeknd, Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling, Will Arnett, Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Eugene Levy, Howie Mandell, Wayne Gretzky, Avril Lavigne, Shania Twain, Alanis Morissette, Michael Cera, Alex Trebeck = all Ontarians)
I often wonder what people think of when they hear about Ontario. Let me know!

seeing Niagara Falls for the first time (April 1995)
taking Mike to see Niagara falls for the first time (May 2010)

I hope everyone has a very happy and safe Halloween! I can't wait to see everyone's costumes! Have a great weekend :)


  1. I've never seen Niagra Falls - but this post made me realize it needs to happen soon! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Make sure you link up on my blog :) there's an inlinkz!

    North Carolina is really popular, you're not the only person who's stated it. I did too :) i so want to visit the Niagara Falls. I can't believe how many people have come from Ontario, several of the people you listed I totally love

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  3. Ontario sounds amazing! I need to make it up there someday. My company has an office in Toronto that I've been trying to get them to send me to for years!

  4. I love that you brought Barbie to Niagara Falls with you. So cute. :)

  5. I've only ever been to Vancouver and it was nice! I heard that Toronto is really nice too and of course I'd love to see Niagara Falls. I need to get out and see more of Canada!

  6. I want to visit Canada so bad! More specifically, Prince Edward Island (Anne fan) Have you been? And of course to try those beaver tails you wrote about :)

  7. My dad use to live in Kitchener, Ontario. I use to visit him there and I remember going into Toronto on different occasions. Beautiful city. Canada from NY where we were from wasn't that far, Niagara Falls was a regular visit for us. Now we live in NC, outside Charlotte and it is very different. Weather wise, culture, etc.And WARMER, definately warm. Visiting form Simply Me - enjoyed your post.

  8. I guess the first thing I think of when I hear "Ontario" is Niagara Falls, as well, simply because NF was my first experience with Ontario and Canada for that matter. Happy Halloween and Happy Weekend to you!

  9. I am the same way, I couldn't move too far from family! We currently live within five minutes of my parents and my in-laws, and while there are SO many amazing places to live, I think I'd miss our family too much! And Pennsylvania isn't that bad! :)

  10. Ooh I need to join this link up. I love questions like these. That's so awesome you were born in Poland. My maternal side of my family is Polish. A bunch of crazy Jewish Poles are we :)

    BC is beautiful. As much of it I've seen anyway. I used to date a Vancouverite so I've been up there a few times. I want to go again and make new memories. Haven't seen more of Canada and I want to change that big time.

  11. Yay for NC! I was born, raised and still reside here! That makes me sound like I can't leave haha but I'm much like you, my whole family is here pretty much as well as my husband's so it just doesn't make much sense to go anywhere. Plus, you're right, the weather situation is pretty great. It does get below freezing sometimes but it's not for too long. All that plus you have every kind of atmosphere here- there are mountains, the ocean,'s truly a beautiful place to be :)

    As far as Ontario goes I think mostly what I have always wondered is if people speak with an accent. I've lived in the same place forever but I've done my fair share of international travel. I've never been to Canada though! I always thought people in Canada had accents but I've never been so I wasn't sure how it worked, ha! That's crazy all those people are from there. I did know Drake and Bieber though haha. Enjoyed reading this! xx