Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Time Capsule

I may have mentioned that we are doing a very small renovation in our house. Actually it's right outside our house. Our front steps were a mess and we needed to have them fixed. They are almost done so I will blog about that at a different time but today I wanted to talk about how I left a small treasure for someone to find under these stairs.

We don't plan on living here forever and I was very eager to leave a couple things to be found by a future resident of this house. But what does one leave from 2015?  I wanted it to be a perfect representation of today and of us.
I included:
- a newspaper
- a few photos of us
- a letter
- an Ikea catalogue
- a USB of photos of the house
- a UNC sticker (Mike insisted!)

In our letter we talked a little bit about us, politics, popular TV and music, and sports. We also requested that who ever finds our time capsule will add their own items and hide it again for someone else to find. Let's keep this going!

Because our time capsule will technically live outside, albeit well covered by a staircase, I made sure to put our items in a plastic container and then inside an air-tight ziploc bag. Hopefully everything will survive without too much wear!
We hope that who ever finds this time capsule will look us up and maybe even try to get in contact with us. Provided that we are still around. What a crazy thought that the finders might not even be alive yet.

Have you ever hid something in your home for something else to find? Do you think I should have added anything else?


  1. Youre too cool! This is an awesome idea! I saw a Pin about adding a story or whatnot on the back of a switchplate for someone to find in the future, love that element of surprise.

  2. That is such a fun idea! I love it! I can just about imagine what things will be like when someone finds it. Very cool. :)