Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gift Guide: The Girly Girl

I have finally accepted that Christmas is here. And it has been here since November 1st. (Well, except for at Costco, where it has been here since August.) I can't avoid it anymore. It. Is. Everywhere. Some of my neighbours even already have their trees up! I prefer to wait to decorate until early December. 

But something I don't like putting off is shopping. We have already started buying some presents and it really takes the stress off the last minute craziness. I love looking at other people's gift guides because it really helps me with ideas of what to get people. And creating them is so fun too! 

I started with a type of giftee that I know best, the girl-girl. Why? Well because that's me. And I love everything on this list! 

1. Chanel Mademoiselle is my all-time favourite perfume. My signature scent, if you will. I have been wearing it for years and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. The pretty bottle doesn't hurt either.

2. Clinique Chubby Sticks. Great lip colour, great longevity, great selection. Highly recommended!

3. I have been googly-eyed for this Kendra Scott necklace for forever. And I am pretty sure I am the last girl on the planet to not own one of these. So I am batting my eyelashes in Santa's direction in the hopes that he might drop one of these off under my tree this year. 

4. I love quilted purses. This classic black, quilted cross-body bag is timeless and so beautiful! The blush colour is gorgeous too. Her name is Vivenna by Kate Spade.

5. We all know my obsession with Essie. It's my favourite brand of polish and their variety is huge! And I love a little sparkle for the Christmas season. The pretty bronze hue in the image above is called Summit of Style

6. The Hot Tools curling iron is my bae. We hang out almost on a daily basis. It never fails me and didn't break the bank. Win! 

7. I talked about these Old Navy lace-up flats here. I still wear them all the time because I love them and because I know the snow is coming and I will have to part ways with them for a few months. Comfy, chic, and there's aaaalways coupon codes for extra savings! 

8. Sugar Paper makes the prettiest stationary and these calendars are perfect for the cubicle gal. I know I am picking one up next time I'm in Target! I already got a pocket planner for 2016 and can't wait to use it! 

9. The truest girly-girl will likely be a fan of Lauren Conrad. She has been a style icon since her Laguna Beach days and is still going strong. Her books have tons of great tips on beauty and style. Oh and her blog is a great daily read too! 

10. Gift cards - Not pictured, but always appreciated! May I suggest stores such as MAC, Ulta, H&M, Norstrom, and Target! 


  1. I swear by chubby sticks and Kendra Scott- and I can barely be called a girly girl. Most days it's trying to get out of the house with workout clothes and not too bad of hair kind of girl. So this year I hope to try and gussy my self care routine up a bit.

  2. You nailed it! This is a perfect gift guide and you are not the only one that doesn't own a Kendra Scott necklace. And, that LC beauty book is one of my all-time favorites and I love looking through it from time to time. xoxo

  3. This is the perfect gift guide! I LOVE that perfume. I wear it everyday and would totally love to get more for Christmas :)

  4. I love love love Chanel Mademoiselle! It's such a classic scent, and I never feel like it's overpowering. I obviously would die to have an endless supply ;)

  5. Can I just have everything you listed - so I guess I'm a girly girl lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Love this! I want one of everything, please!

  7. I love Essie nail polishes and am in dire need of more Kendra Scott, too!

  8. I like looking at all the gift guides too! A pretty visual is always welcome and they are fun to make :)

  9. You can never go wrong with some Kendra Scott and glitzy nail polish!

  10. I love how you made this collage!

    I am loving those flats sooo much but they don't have my size :( I use a her styler but don't really curl my hair anymore, I'll still have to check out this other brand though. I usually need super hot heat to make a difference on my head.

    My mom usually just gets me giftcards now since I'm so hard to shop for now. My mom's like I never know what you want :( So gift cards or money it is for me.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  11. I love LC's books!! She is my fave :) I might as well just send Jason the link to this gift guide so he knows exactly what to get me haha
    xo C

  12. Those flats are so so cute!! I love this gift guide, I need to start shopping for my mom (and maybe myself a little...) so this helps take off some stress!
    Pics O Andrea

  13. I picked up a Sugar Paper planner in Target the other day but didn't see that calendar, I would love that in my office!