Friday, May 20, 2016

Five on Friday

Happy long weekend!! Here in Canada, we are celebrating Victoria Day, aka May Two-Four. The weather is finally starting to cooperate and I am hoping to spend the majority of this weekend outdoors! Work is extra busy this time of the year so this long weekend is very, very welcome.

Today is my brother's 11th birthday! Happy birthday Philip, I love you! My mom, brother, and I FaceTimed last night in honour of his birthday-eve and we were reminiscing his birth story. This year, it falls exactly the same way as it did in 2005 -- on a Friday. I was 17 when he was born and I remember it really well. I can't believe he's officially a preteen! We will be celebrating his birthday with a sleepover at my house, some park time, and a trip to one of those jumpy trampoline places.

2008 - age 3

Yesterday morning was a bit rough. I arrived at my work parking lot and started gathering my things to go inside. I took the keys out of the ignition, threw them in my purse and checked the weather on my phone to see how warm it's going to be. With a high of 19, I knew I wouldn't need my coat so I wanted to leave it in the car. It was a struggle to take off while sitting in the driver's seat, so I got out, grabbed my coffee, put it top of the car and took off my coat. At that moment, another car was trying to pull into the parking spot next to me so I shut the door to give them more room. Have you figured out what happens next in this story? If you guessed that I lock my keys, purse, and phone inside the car, you would be correct. After a few seconds of standing frozen, shocked from my own stupidity, I walk into my office carrying nothing but my coffee (priorities!) I called Mike about 1,234 times from my desk phone. No answer. He's in the shower. Eventually I got through and convinced him to bring the spare keys on his way to work. I was mainly concerned that my open purse was in plain sight and I was worried about someone breaking in. Mike didn't laugh, judge, or scorn. He came, no questions asked -- seriously the best. I'm so lucky that he starts work after me and my office is on the way to his work so that he can rescue me in such times of distress. Major husband points!

I was growing H&M online the other day and found the cutest summer dresses! I love wearing casual light dresses in the summer time and all of these would be perfect for date night or girls' night out. Andddd they are all under $50! Win.
1  |  2  |  3  |  4

Some of my favourite links from from this week:
- Emily's New York post had me reminiscing about our trip there last December. It's one of my absolute favourite cities in the world and I would gladly hop on a plane any day of the week if it was possible. New York is always a good idea, right?
- Did you see Stephanie's One Room Challenge makeover? She redid her living room and the befores and afters are mindblowing. It looks so amazing now -- I can't believe it's the same space!
- Pamela shared this rosé sangria recipe and it sounds like the perfect drink for the long weekend!

See you on Tuesday!


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  1. Happy birthday to your brother - hope you guys have fun celebrating! The keys is never a fun thing to lock in your car, but husband to the rescue for sure!! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I love those dresses from H&M! I never think to go in there because it's usually not my style, but I forget that if I look hard enough, I usually find something I love! And your husband is so sweet to bring you your keys without complaining! Have a great Friday!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Happy B-Day to your sweet lil Bro. So sorry about locking your keys..yucky feeling, but your Mr. was to the rescue!! yay!! Have the BEST weekend pretty lady!!

  4. Wow, those dresses are all so cute, and I especially love the price point! I would have been so stressed with that car situation, glad it all worked out. And yes, New York is always the BEST idea! :)

  5. Happy long weekend to you! Three day weekends are the best & I hope that you get to spend a lot of time outside this weekend :)

  6. Happy birthday to your brother and happy long weekend to you! Loving all those dresses, especially number 2! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  7. We've all been there with the keys! Glad mile was able to come to the rescue! Happy birthday to your brother!

  8. Major points to the hub for coming to the rescue without any grumbling!!
    Woah! I haven't checked out H & M in a while. Looks like I have some shopping to do!

  9. That sucks that you locked your keys in your car, but major brownie points to the husband for bringing your spare up to you! I once locked myself out of the house, and my husband who was almost at work had to turn around to come and let me back in the house! It was terrible!

  10. OMG how cute is your little brother?! Happy birthday to him!! Those H&M dresses are so cute. I just learned the other day that they have maternity clothes (I had no idea!) and I'm pretty excited about that!

  11. Happy Friday! Enjoy the long weekend. Ugh, sorry to hear about the mishap with your keys but it sounds like Mike came to the rescue. Loving that first dress from H&M! Beautifully Candid

  12. I'm glad you were able to get back in your car relatively unscathed. Yay for Mike to the rescue! I also love H&M dresses for summer time. I bought a few $15 ones two years ago, and I was surprised that I was able to wear them all of last summer (even while 7 and 8 months pregnant!). I plan on continuing to wear them this summer. I know they are supposed to be fast fashion, but I've definitely gotten my money's worth and then some!

  13. those are such pretty dresses but i have the WORST luck finding one in H&M in my size.

  14. Happy birthday to your brother!! When I saw your post on Instagram I was like there's NO way he's eleven- I'm glad you wrote that he was 3 in this picture hahaha

  15. Enjoy your long weekend and happy birthday to your brother!! That was so nice of your husband to bring you the extra keys!

  16. Lol, oh my gosh! I hate when you lock yourself out. I've done that, except I locked myself out of the house on an afternoon when I had to be at work. My boyfriend and I switched cars for the day, and I never even bothered to think that my house keys were on MY keychain, duh. I felt so bad when I had to call and wake him up and beg him to drive an hour to let me in, lol. Gotta love understanding, non-judgmental men <3. Hope you had a good weekend!

  17. Wahoo for a long weekend, I hope you had so much fun enjoying it! I am seriously loving all of those dresses too!