Monday, June 13, 2016


Good morning and happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

I want to start off by sending my deepest condolences to the families and friends of those who lost their lives in Florida this weekend. No words can describe what a tragedy these events are. It still astounds me that people can be so cruel and prejudice toward others.

I chose this quote from Maya Angelou as my quote of the week because it is so fitting. Hate accomplishes nothing. Love is love is love is love.

I could go on, but in an effort to keep things light, I am here to recap my weekend.

Friday at work we had an afternoon of professional activities. I always enjoy our PD sessions so much because it's a nice departure from our day-to-day roles and it's always a lot of fun. This time we focused on team building and exploring the creative sides of our brains. We watched this Ted Talk and check it out, I can draw! Who knew?

After work, Mike had his first softball game of the weekend. Mike's brother came out as a sub because the team was short players and it was so fun to see them play together again. They haven't been on the same team since 2012 but hope to play together again next summer.

We had some items delivered to our mailbox across the border so on Saturday morning we ventured over to the States. We popped over to the outlet mall because I need a new cross body purse to bring to Poland with me. Kate Spade was having a huge sale and I scored this bag in grey for  60% + 20% off!

We also hit up Target (of course) where I picked up some placemats, storage bins, and birthday cards.  For lunch, we enjoyed burritos and odd combinations of pop at Qdoba. Always a favourite!

We topped off the night by watching the Miss USA pageant. I know I was way behind but I managed to not read any spoilers so I had no idea who the winner would be! My early picks were Arkansas and Alabama but I thought DC definitely deserved it. I totally teared up during her first walk as Miss USA because she was so emotional!

Mike had another softball game Saturday morning which called for a pretty early wake-up call. I watched alongside my mom and brother and a huge cup of coffee. Waking up before 9am on a weekend should be outlawed. I don't know how you mamas do it!

Poland played their first game of Euro 2016 at noon and THEY WON!! They played Northern Ireland and even though the final score was only 1-0, they totally dominated the entire game. I admittedly do not know too much about soccer but they is a huge huge deal for my country and I was cheering as best as possible!

So in case you're keeping count, that's 3 sporting events in 3 days. Oh, and little bits of baseball and hockey was sprinkled in there as well. For someone who isn't a huge sports person, I sure watch a lot of it!

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  1. Lol 9am is sleeping in for me that's for sure! You'll adjust ;) Looks like such a fnu weekend I've actually never tried Qdoba but it looks so good!

  2. I love burritos, lol! We went to the Mexican restaurant on Friday for happy hour. That was neat that they got to play together for a game. I bet it will be nice to have them on the same team again next year. Love me some Kate Spade <3 and 80% off?! Yes Please!

  3. You did do a lot of sports watching this weekend! Hope you have a great week :)

  4. Your face with Poland winning is everything!! So glad you had a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I'd love to sleep in until 9. Amazing how your sleeping in definition changes once you have kids. I miss staying up late and sleeping in until I naturally wake up. sigh.
    Awesome Kate Spade find! I love discounts =)

  6. You are killing it with all of the sporting events!! And omg I need that Kate Spade--hand it ovah! I need to try Qdoba! It looks yummy.

  7. Wahoo for Target and Qdoba, two of my favorites that oddly happen to be right across the street from each other #winning.

  8. Sounds like you had a pretty busy/fun weekend. I love it! :)

  9. So many sports! I love it - so many good memories growing up watching my brother play baseball in the summer.

  10. Looks like a great weekend, and a fabulous find on a bag is my kind of shopping! Burritos are a weakness of mine, and I definitely forgot about the miss USA pageant. Beautifully Candid

  11. What a steal on that bag! And that burrito is making my mouth water. I haven't had Qdoba in so long, now I'm craving it!!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  12. Looks like a great weekend and even better that your scored at the Kate Spade outlet! Why is Qdoba so good, ugh now I need it.

    Whitney & Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  13. Love your sandals. And I would love to get a Kate Spade bag for that. Such a steal. Looks like a great weekend.

  14. It really is so sad about what happened in Orlando! My heart just breaks for everybody that was involved.

    Other than that, it sounds like you had a great weekend filled with tons of sports! I usually like sports, but I don't think that I would have been able to handle that much! Although, it's hard not to get involved when you're cheering for your country, right?

  15. Loving all the softball games you've been going to, and awesome KS deals! My heart is broken for our beautiful city, and I will never understand how someone can have so much hate for people they've never even met just because of the color of their skin, their religion, their sexuality, or the country they happen to live in. LOVE that quote, so so so true <3
    Green Fashionista

  16. What a great deal on that KS bag! Sounds like a fun weekend!

    Doused In Pink

  17. Sounds like a good (sports filled) weekend! We love our sports around here. What an amazing deal on that crossbody bag.

  18. Beautiful tribute to the victims of the tragedy in Orlando. So agree, love is love is love is love. I wish hate wasn't so rampant these days.

    Kate Spade, coffee, and burritos are the makings of a good weekend, that's for sure. Are you Polish? Sorry, you may have mentioned this in posts before that I haven't seen, I'm just curious!

  19. Looks like a lovely weekend. HOw fun you were able to watch your husband and his brother. Cheers to KS being on say and double cheers to Poland winning, wooohoo!

  20. Yes, the whole weekend was definitely affected with my thoughts turning toward tragedy. Such a hard time in the world. My hearts are with them all. I don't know if we still have a Qudoba. But I don't think I've ever been! hehe Nice score on the clearance bag! I looooove bags! :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  21. What a great weekend. You guys always have the best plans and so much fun! And obviously the best taste in food and shopping!

  22. Haha! That is a lot of sports in one weekend for someone who doesn't consider themselves much of a sports person. ;)

  23. 9am is sleeping in! lol. You just wait until you have kids and sleeping in until 7am feels like heaven. Sad, but true. lol

  24. Ahhhh! I also bought a mint colored purse from Kate Spade that weekend for the 60% + 20% off and then felt guilty after the other money I had spent so I returned it. Haha. It was so cute though!