Thursday, November 17, 2016

Guys Behind The Blog - November

It's Guys Behind The Blog time again! It feels like we just did this because we are a week early this month because of Thanksgiving coming up. So, appropriately, this month's questions are all about Thanksgiving! In case  you're new here, I have already celebrated Thanksgiving because I'm Canadian and in Canada we celebrate it in October. Mike and I took advantage of the long weekend and road tripped to North Carolina but here's a full recap of when we celebrated Thanksgiving a little later with our families. 

Let's get to Mike's answers, shall we?

Q: What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? What is your least favourite? 
A: Pumpkin pie is easily the best Thanksgiving dish. There is no debate, no discussion. Also, pumpkin pie should be consumed year round, not just in the fall. If we're talking a main course, I'll go with turkey, stuffing, and gravy.

Q: What is a Thanksgiving tradition you liked growing up that you want to continue with your family? For example: Do you eat super early around 3pm or regular dinner time around 6pm? Do you watch football? Do you all go to a particular family member's house? Do you nap after the big meal?
A: In Canada our Thanksgiving is celebrated in the Fall on the second Monday of October. There's usually not anything exciting happening like an entire day of football. We usually use the long weekend to go somewhere for a quick little weekend getaway before we have our family dinner on Monday. I much prefer your Thanksgiving. I love the entire day of football, the online Black Friday sales, and how it's the unofficial kick off for Christmas.

Q: What are your thoughts on Black Friday shopping? Yay or nay?
A: I can't think of anything I'd hate more than in store Black Friday shopping. We have a mailbox across the border that is right across the street from one of the busiest shopping centres in Western New York. I make it my mission to avoid going there Black Friday weekend. No thanks. I'm all about online Black Friday shopping though.

Q: If you had it your way, would you set up your holiday decorations (Christmas tree, Hanukkah menorah, etc.) before or after Thanksgiving?
A: If I were American, I'd avoid Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving. I'd probably want to spend Black Friday putting up Christmas decorations and getting the house ready for Christmas.

Q: What are you most thankful for this year?
A: 2016 has been a pretty crappy year, but I'm thankful for my health, my family's health, and for being in a position where 2016 can be a crappy year because of some unfavourable sports outcomes. If that's the worst thing I've got going on in my life, I'm pretty fortunate.

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Next month's link up will go live on December 29th -- MY BIRTHDAY! So join us then with the following questions for your guy:

1. How do you spend the holidays? Any favourite traditions that you had growing up that you like to share with your family now?

2. Do you prefer to have a real tree or a fake tree?

3. How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa? Did someone ruin it for you or did you find out on your own? Do you play Santa for your kids?

4. What's your favourite Christmas movie?

5. Office holiday party - take it or leave it?

Bonus Question:
6. New Year's Eve... quiet evening at home or go out and party?

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  1. I'm with him on Black Friday. No thanks! I love that he thinks Christmas decorations can go up as soon as Thanksgiving is over. Can he talk to Drew? :)

  2. We are the same way, online shopping great, go to actual stores on Black Friday, no way! And I'm with him on "as soon as thanksgiving is over", mine wants December 1st. Not that it really matters, since I schedule our weekends and have already decided it's happening thanksgiving weekend ;)

  3. We try to avoid the stores on Black Friday too, but I'm hoping to get a lot of online shopping done this year! And having a full day devoted to food and football is probably any man's dream, right?

  4. I always love Mike's answers! I'm all about the online shopping for the great deals this time of the year too.

  5. I totally decorate for Christmas on Black Friday :D Best way to celebrate the day after Thanksgiving and beat the crazy crowds.

  6. Do you guys have Costco by you? I swear it is THE BEST pumpkin pie I've ever eaten. I would have never thought that until one visit, they were sampling whip cream and just so happened to be putting it on the pie and I was sold. A GIANT pie for $5.99 or something ridiculously cheap like that. Pure heaven.