Monday, April 13, 2015


Friday we did this after work all the way up until bed.

Saturday we did the second coat and put our living room back together.

Another room got checked off of the to-be-painted list. Hurray! But so exhausting. And the second the paintbrush comes out, the house looks like a tornado ran through it. I know it seems like Mike is doing all the painting while I sit back and watch, but I promise I was right in there too when not taking pictures.

To top everything off, we decided to wash our slipcovers on Sunday. With the walls looking so nice, we wanted to whole room to just be "done".

We were hopeful to get another zone painted this weekend but we were so pooped that it just didn't happen. Plus on Sunday we had some running around to do. And since it finally warmed up a bit around here, I was able to throw on a maxi! Guys, this calls for celebration.

Don't mind the painter's tape. We are tackling this area next.

Anyway, I had an appointment at MAC Cosmetics for the launch of their new spring line. They were offering free makeup application with the new products.

Overall, I really liked the look the makeup artist created. My favourite part was the peachy-nude lip. The lipstick she used is called Pure Vanity and I think I will have to buy it. Or at least a dupe of it. It's so pretty and perfect for spring! You can't really see what she did with my eyes because they are too open in this picture. It was a light bronzey-gold smokey eye. Loved it!

So, all in all, busy weekend. Ten years ago, the term "busy weekend" meant something so different. I like things better now :) How was your weekend?


  1. Busy weekend indeed! You guys got so much done around the house! I can't wait until we own our home and can do projects like this to make it ours!

  2. I love those white walls! They look so clean, and fresh! Also, maxi dresses for the win!

  3. Loving your makeup and yay for getting so much painting done!!! Hope you have a great start to the week! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. Your house looks so crisp! Soon all of the painting will be done... and you can dream up another project :)

  5. Love the paint and all the white accessories!!!

  6. Loving the new paint color! We just bought a new house in the fall and did SO MUCH painting so I definitely feel you :) Glad you had a great weekend!