Monday, July 20, 2015


Busy busy busy!We were bih-sy this weekend. My in-laws were on vacation and we had the honour of doggie sitting their pup, Daytona. He is such a calm and gentle dog and a total pleasure. Although our cats might beg to differ haha!

I mean, who can get mad at that face?? We loved having him stay with us and taking him for nice long walks on these gorgeous summer days.

On Friday we saw Move Live On Tour and let me tell you, it as AMAZING. I have been a fan of Julianne and Derek Hough for years and I totally loved seeing them live. The show was so good!

I will do a a separate recap of the show in a little bit. But, thumbs up and smiles everywhere.

At night we had crazy thunderstorms that made for some pretty interesting pictures and videos. My dog-in-law wasn't a fan of the thunder, poor guy.

On Saturday, the weather cleared up and we ventured across the border to pick up some packages from our mailbox.

We celebrated National Ice Cream Day with some yummy ice cream. Actually it was homemade frozen custard, which I have never tried before. But I couldn't tell the difference between that and regular old soft serve. I welcome any insights on the topic!

Mike was back on the baseball diamond on Sunday morning and I was back hugging my favourite little ones.

Afterwards we picked up my in-laws after their vacation and had a lovely dinner so we could hear all about their trip!

And thus brings us back to Monday. Good ol' Monday! Bring on the coffee!

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  1. Looks like the pupsnd you survived the weekend! Congrats ;)

  2. I love dogsitting when my parents go out of town! so fun to have a pet for a weekend!!

  3. I love you have so much stuff you can do together. And I would really want one day for you two to babysit the Monsters :P

  4. Daytona is too cute, I want a dog like that :) Who's baby is that? SO cute!! And yes, bring on the coffee!

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  5. Daytona is soooo sweet! I want to adopt a Golden Retriever one day.

  6. We had some crazy thunder and lightening this weekend too! Not that I heard it OR saw it, Im a deep sleeper :)

  7. What a lovely little weekend! We have a golden and they are the best dogs ever! Daytona is so cute!

  8. Aw their dog looks like the sweetest thing ever. And that is a crazy picture of that lightning! Glad you had a good weekend!

  9. Ahh! That thunder storm picture is crazy!! Awesome catch getting that!