Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Story Of Boomer And Lenny

Excuse me while I be a Grandma and blog about my cats for a hot second. Because they need some serious love on here. And because they are just the best. And because I know there are a ton of other animal lovers out there.

Boomer and Lenny were both Mike's cats from way before I knew him. In grade 6, I got a dog and around the same time, Mike got Boomer and Lenny. Of course we didn't know each other back then. But little did I know, my strong dog-person views were going to be swayed more towards the middle in a few years.

When we got married, I brought Neptune and Mike brought Boomer. And we were one big happy family until one very sadsad day (which still makes me tear up when I think about it) when Neptune went to doggie heaven. We could see that Boomer was very lonely being the only pet in the house. He was mopey, clingy, and suddenly extremely vocal. We had to reunite him with his BFF Lenny. 

We moved Lenny in and it took him a good long while to get settled. But Boomer was so ecstatic. The second he saw his old friend he wouldn't leave his side. They have always been such a dynamic duo. 

Now, I have to say that they are complete opposites. And they both have very distinct and different personalities. Boomer is the alpha. He is bossy, outgoing, rough, stubborn, and has a very all-about-me demeanor.  Lenny is timid, quiet, kind, and so graceful. Boomer loves to cuddle and sleep all day and Lenny never sits still and loves exploring. Boomer's favourite things are snuggling, eating, and playfighting. Lenny's favourite things are fur brushes, boxes, and looking outside.

Their personalities are both so undeniable that we can't help but treat them like people. Mike is so good at imitating both of them and bringing their "voices" to life. In our little crazy cat world, Boomer and Lenny both have jobs. Boomer is an all-star baseball player and Lenny is the coach and general manager of the Cat Baseball Team. Boomer hits a home run every at-bat but then lies down on the plate because he is too lazy to run the bases and falls asleep. Lenny loses his mind every time because it doesn't score a run. It's a serious issue. 

An actual conversation:
L: "Did you see Grumpy Cat throw out the first pitch at the Diamondbacks game?"
B: "Yeah it was awful"
L: "Yeah well I think maybe I should sign him. We need pitching and we could use some publicity for our team."
B: "No. I'm the star. You sign Grumpy Cat and I quit. I'm not playing on the same team as Grumpy Cat. He's always mad."
L: "You are such a baby. Fine we won't sign him. I wasn't actually going to. I was just trying to get you riled up."
B: "Why are you doing this to me Lenny. I'm old. I don't need jokes about Grumpy Cat getting signed. Next time you joke about it... bite."
L: "You're not going to bite. I am just going to run away. I'm faster than you. Always have been!"

So yeah. That's pretty much them on the regular. I love them both so very very much.


  1. So precious! We had two cats that got along really well, and then one went to kitty heaven. We felt our cat was lonely too so we adopted another cat - and they never got along! It made me so sad :( The new adopted cat ended up not being well and went to kitty heaven a few years later. Now we still have our kitty and a boxer. They don't cuddle, but I do think they like each other - or it at least keep my cat entertained. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The first sentence had be laughing out loud! I love this!!! If only our pets knew how much we were obsessed with them...

  3. I love this! I wanted to write a story about Fluffy but never finished it to publish. We're cat people too, we're considering getting a dog later down the road, but it's not a definite. We're really happy with Fluffy. Boomer is the grey one and Lenny is the black one? they sound like wonderful cats :)

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  4. Awww such pretty kitties!!! Isn't it crazy how animals develop their own personalities just like people?! My dogs certainly have their own as well. I fear for the day that my sweet Gracie leaves us. She is 10 and Mac is 5. Mac has never known life without her and he freaks out when she is at the vet without him. I can't imagine him reacting well to her being gone gone. And I wont be able to deal either!

  5. That black cat is gorgeous! As a cat person my husband jumped ship to a dog person when we brought home Stella, I still have whiplash from his abrupt change lol. We have a sadsad story of losing our first baby as a couple, Jasper the cat (who totally looks like your black cat). They always stay with you thats for sure.

  6. Seriously SO CUTE!!! Your cats are gorgeous! Love the convo :)

  7. Hahaha, I love that they have jobs and that you make up conversations between them. :) I totally get it because I am a crazy baby talker to my dogs...constantly!

  8. We totally have ‘pet voices’ too! haha

  9. So nice to get a little peek at your pets! We would be lost without our little Stella - it's such a blessing how much these furry little creatures can add to our lives.

  10. Aww I'm so sorry to hear about your dog :( Pets really are like family and it's never easy losing one! Love your cats though, they're so cute and I love that they each have their own distinct personalities.

  11. They are beautiful!!! :)
    I love cats

    Have a wonderful weekend doll,