Tuesday, September 29, 2015

To Do List: Fall 2015

A new season brings a new list of things to do around the house. Here's how things went in the summer:

1. wash all windows
2. clean BBQ
3. clean kitchen appliances
4. wash garage floor
5. clean inside both cars
6. paint upstairs stairway (we painted the lower half already!)
7. put down fresh mulch
8. reorganize "receipt drawer"
9. reorganize pots + pans cupboard
10. hang pictures around vanity desk
11. take + hang anniversary photo (read about that here)
12. print wedding photo for bedroom frame
13. fix stairs in front of house (almost done!!!!)
14. paint front door (check it out here)
15. water grass regularly
16. fix loose kitchen sink
17. fix Mike's dresser drawer
18. fix faucet in garage
19. fix faucet in backyard
20. art for living room frames

85%! I'll take it! It is a huge help that Mike is off in the summer and has a lot of extra time to tick things off one by one. I am so proud of how much we got done over the summer. Having a list helps so much to stay motivated because I would be really embarrassed to come back three months later with nothing. 

Since the summer went so well, I have less things lined up this time around. In the fall, I love to soak in as much outdoor time as possible because I know the warm days are quickly coming to an end. So other than frequent walks to Starbucks for PSLs, here's what I came up with: 

1. Fix lawnmower
2. Decorate for fall
3. Prep garden for winter
4. Change furnace filter
5. Wash all windows
6. Take down window screens for the cold months
7. Put away garden hoses
8. Turn off exterior water taps
9. Fix plumbing situation
10. Decorate for Christmas (December 1, technically isn't officially winter yet)
11. Put away all warm weather clothes and shoes
12. Bring patio furniture indoors
13. Empty car trunk from softball season and vacuum.
14. Fix handle on guest bathroom toilet 
15. Reorganize pots + pans cupboard
16. Finish front stairs
17. Fix frame in bedroom

Can you think of anything else? What is on your to-do list this fall?


  1. Seriously- is your house always clean and in order? I'm so jealous because I've decided (I can do that right) that it is.

  2. You guys did so well over the summer and looks like you have a busy fall ahead too! I can't wait to be decorating for Christmas!

  3. oh gosh goodness, I should clearly make one! This is awesome. Go you! I don't really have a big list but I'm kinda regretting it in this moment, ha~

  4. I love that you have seasonal lists of things to do around the house! Washing windows is the worst, right?!?! Ugh!!!! You did a great job on your summer ones!

  5. Everyone has these fun fall bucket lists and you have a cleaning list?!!! You crack me up! :) I really need to make a list like this. Ugh.

  6. You did such a great job on the summer bucket list!! I can't believe most of it was done!

    For a fall fun list we want to pick pumpkins this year! Lists really do help with getting things done for the fall. I never make them because I forget half the things I want to do and then come on to other pages and remember them :)

    But for cleaning, you are killing it, we're lucky if we can keep a clean house for a day ha.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  7. Dang! You go girl!!! You're on top of it. I can barely clean my table after dinner let alone all that you plan to tackle. You're awesome!

  8. Girl, I love a good list! Looks like you've got it all covered! I might have to steal your list and do the same at my house! xoxo

  9. Girlfriend, you are seriously amazing!!!! I need to get on the ball like you! You're makin' us all look bad ;)

  10. Love the mix of must do's and things that will be fun to do!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  11. You have quite the wish list for Fall!!! I'm a little envious of it actually!!! I'm over here hoping I can get the laundry caught up. Ha!

  12. You fared pretty well with your summer list! Way to go! Best of luck on your Fall list. I need to make a list of things I want to get done!

  13. Yayyy that is awesome!! You did AMAZING with your summer list! Such a good idea to even make lists because then it is way more likely to get done! I know looking for a house is officially on my list :)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  14. You did awesome! Don't you ever wish there was one list to do for the house and then it was just done. Instead of a never ending, always being added to, list!