Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fall Polish Picks

Thank you so much for all your kind words on my last post. We are heartbroken but hanging in there. While we miss him like crazy, we know that Boomer is now pain-free and reunited with my dog Neptune. And Lenny is doing his best job at putting smiles on our faces. Your messages really helped me feel better!

In the spirit of lightening things up a little bit, I thought I would share some of my favourite nail polish colours for the fall season. Fall is all about going a little darker and embracing those deeper jewel tones. Gone are the days of bring pinks and corals!
I love black to really change up the colour scheme for fall. It goes with Halloween and pretty much every single outfit you can think of. But if black is too harsh for you, navy is a great alternative that is still dark. I usually rock some shade of red year-round. For fall, I prefer a deeper red that ranges from cherry to deep burgundy. The forest green shade is a colour that transitions perfectly into the Christmas time. There are tons of great shades of grey (50 maybe?) that work as a perfect neutral for the fall. But my award for best neutral colour of all time goes to the one on the far right. It's a soft milky pink that always looks so pretty on fingers. It is probably my favourite nail polish colour and it's really the only one I love to wear year-round.
The colours from left to right are: licorice, after school boy blazer, sole mate, head mistress, forever yummy, vested interest, chinchilly, and ballet slippers.

As you can see, I love Essie nail polishes and have lately been topping them with Essie's gel top coat. It works just as advertised and helps nail polish stay chip-free for way longer than a regular top coat. I definitely recommend it!

What is your nail colour of choice for fall?


  1. I just put on a pale pale pink last night and love it! I want to try a navy, but dark colors always look clunky on my hands!

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better!!

    I actually love wearing purple, like a dark shimmery purple, it's one of the ones China Glaze makes. I think that's another great color for adding in fall. Although since getting a deep purple stone for my ring, I've taken to wearing lighter more springy colors to offset the deep tone.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  3. Im not a big polish wearer because 1) I dont have much free time to apply and let dry and 2) once it starts to chip I basically panic lol. But I have been searching for a cheap alternative that matches Chinchilly, you know any dupes? The ones Ive found end up being too brown, sigh. Let the search continue!

  4. SO glad you're doing better!! I love essie nail polish!! It lasts so long and is soooo pretty!! I really really love that purple/plum one!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  5. I've been LOVING Bahama Mama by Essie lately! That with the gel top coat :)

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  7. Great picks! I am beyond excited to finally get my first fall mani/pedi tomorrow!

  8. I love fall colors for nails! When I got my nails done last, the girl next to me got a really cool brown color with fall leaves on her accent nails. Very cool! :)

  9. Loving these colors! After School Boy Blazer is one of my favourites! Every time I go to get the Essie gel setter polish it's sold out, which makes me think it is as good as everyone says it is! I hope I can find one soon because I recently stopped getting gel polish from the salon and my nails are horrific without any polish on them.