Monday, November 9, 2015

Master Bedroom

We recently spent a little bit of time deep cleaning the house in preparation for the holidays and since things are tidy-ish around here, I snapped a couple photos of our master bedroom to show you where I wake up every morning.

This is our first house and I knew I wanted the master bedroom to be light and airy. While I love the dark, romantic style, I wanted a place to wake up that would make me feel energized and eager to start the day.

We went with white furniture, white linens, and pale mint walls. It's very feminine but Mike has pretty much handed over the decorating reigns to me and hasn't really complained since. As long as nothing is blocking the TV, he's a happy man.

Oh about TVs. The whole TV in the bedroom is a debate many people have strong opinions about. I am anti and Mike kind of pro but so far I am winning the argument. Our master bedroom is on the main level so our giant living room TV is just a few steps away. Maybe if we were upstairs, I would think otherwise? I don't know. I like falling asleep in a dark, silent, serene room. Where do you stand on the issue? Yay or nay?

Let me know if you want anything sourced!


  1. So pretty! Love how bright and airy the room is. I definitely have to fall asleep to the TV but then put a timer on it so it doesn't stay on the entire night.

  2. I really love your bedroom!! SO bright and cheery. Ours is really just not. Where did you get the dressers?

    and on the TV debate we've had it both ways. When Kyle first moved in we had the TV in the bedroom because it was the only place to have it. Every other room was filled with his stuff. I really liked having the TV in the bedroom because the other place we have it is near Sophie's room meaning we can't watch anything on it when she's asleep. When we had it in the bedroom we could watch movies on it and not have to worry about waking up Sophie and it never was a problem in all aspects of the bedroom.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  3. What a beautiful space!!!! And nay for the tv!! I might change my mind in the future though :-)

  4. Gorgeous space! Mint walls are lovely and go with so many other colors too. I dont really care about a tv in the bedroom but I guess since I didnt have one growing up it seems neat now lol

  5. Your bedroom is darling!! I'm obsessed with your headboard. And chandelier.

  6. Holy gorgeousness! Seriously. I want your bedroom. I wish my house and my bedroom were half as pretty and light and airy as yours! Love!

  7. This is SUCH a beautiful room! I love it! And I'm with you about the TV in the room thing. We're a few short months away from a move and I've been reconsidereing everything for when we get into our new home and this is one of those things. To be honest though, I am obsessed with the TV show Frasier and one of my favorite things to do before bed is watch an episode, snuggled up with my boo, our kitties and some hot tea, so I would have to let that go but I think I could do it. I guess we'll see!! Gorgeous room!! xx