Friday, November 27, 2015

Simply Me

Wishing all my American friends and readers a very happy Thanksgiving weekend! I hope you are all in your comfiest yoga pants, bursting at the seams with turkey and pumpkin pie. I would like to personally thank America for all the wonderful retail it has birthed and made available to me. I am already knee-deep in Black Friday (online) shopping. 

Today I am linking up with Liz from Sundays with Sophie for her Simply Me series. And this one is a way-back playback. 

If you didn't have chance to link up, feel free to leave your answers in the comments below. I really want to know if we have any of these in common!

Q: What was the first car you drove?  Are you still driving it now?
A: My mom's minivan. I learned how to drive on it and felt like a boss. I used to drive my friends around all the time in it because I was one of the first in our group to get a driver's license. Definitely not driving it anymore lol. Now I am researching the perfect family car. Suggestions are very welcome!

Q: The first dance you went to was?
A: My kindergarten had a mandatory costume dance. My mom made me a beautiful flower costume out of tulle that I totally loved. I wonder if there were any pictures taken of it. But my first dance that mattered was in grade 7. It was held during class time and the boys stood on one side of the room, girls stood on the other, and there were teachers everywhere. Once in a while, a boy would snail his way over to ask a girl for a slow dance. This I Promise You by Nsync was the hit song. Hearing it brings me back to feeling insecure about my height. None of the boys hit their growth spurts yet and didn't want to dance with the tallest girl in the class. It also makes me think of the smell of too much cologne and butterfly hair clips. The butterfly hair clips only came out for the most special of occasions. 
Q: What about your first job?
A: My first serious job was cashier at a grocery store. I was 16. At first I definitely felt like I had way more responsibility than I should be allowed to have. But I love that I started working at a young age because it taught me so much. It felt so amazing to earn my own money and to start my journey to financial independence. I might even still have my first ever pay-stub! 

Q: Tell us about the first phone you had?
A: My first cell phone was a Motorola phone that looked something like this. 2002. My mom bought it for me but I remember having to keep it a secret from my dad because he thought cell phones gave people brain cancer. A couple years later I was dying to get a silver flip phone like Cher Horowitz and got this beauty. This one had a colour screen and a camera! Wow -- searching the links for these phones brings me waaaaay back. 

Q: What was the first book you read? (an actual chapter book)
A: I think it was The Little Prince. I am pretty sure I understood none of it. Either that or one of the books from the Sweet Valley High series. I loved SVH! Anyone else? I texted my mom just now to ask if she remembered my first real book and she answered "I have no idea. You read a book a day. You were a reading machine and I couldn't keep up." 

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  1. My first "tax paying" job was a cashier at a grocery store, but I didn't get that until I was 19 and home my first summer from college. I grew up in an itty, bitty small town, so jobs were hard to come by, that's why I mowed grass for people. That cashiering job taught me a lot about people and how to deal with the public.

    Your description of your 7th grade dance is classic! Those awkward years!

  2. We're looking at the Mistubishi Outlander Sport for the family car, not that we're looking to expand our family right now but it's a larger car that can hold more. My friend has it and loves it. And it's still quite comfortable although I don't know if it would be a good car for you or not, but it seems like it may be. I think it can fit Kyle and he's taller than you. I was like you with getting a car early, honestly I really only got so that i could drive my mom around ha.

    I got a library card at the local library and it helped so much with the reading everything all the time. I'm planning on getting Sophie one when she's older and doesn't eat the books haha.

    Loved my cashier job!

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  3. Oh my god, I was in love with the Sweet Valley High series. It came out when I think I was like 6, so I actually started reading Sweet Valley twins for a couple years before I started reading Sweet Valley High when I was like 11. But I was obsessed with them I even read them through the university years. I stopped for a while and then I picked up with the Senior Year ones and then stopped again, then I made the horrible mistake of reading Sweet Valley confidential. Don't ever do it. It will totally ruin Sweet Valley for you.

  4. My mother hated us reading the Sweet Valley High series. She was convinced the books were "smut."