Friday, December 11, 2015

Not-So-Traditional Christmas Finds

Happy Friday!! Mike specifically wanted me to thank all of those who commented to wish him a happy birthday. I know that all your kind words made him feel extra loved yesterday!


While I love the traditional christmas decorations, I have a soft spot for things that are a little different. And sometimes little more contemporary.

Here's a round up of holiday decor that has a flair of modern and chic:



Christmas Cards

Wrapping Paper



Christmas Trees

What is your favourite holiday style? Sparkly? Rustic? Vintage? Metallics? Boho? Classic red & green? I found a fun quiz that helps determine what your holiday style is. Click here to take the quiz and let me know what results you get! I got "modern" which I'd day is pretty accurate. 


  1. Both of those trees are so pretty! And I love the wire joy sign!

  2. I love the bubble ornaments they are so fun!! I go the more traditional route, but when we have a house with more than two rooms they will be themed out! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Cards against humanity for the win! I love all of these, but gasp- other than a wreath I haven't put up any decorations! I knoooooow it needs to get fixes ASAP!

  4. Very cool finds. I like the Christmas tree made out of sticks. :)

  5. Oh I'm in love with those wrapping papers. I love wrapping paper but I cannot wrap to save my life. Kyle always laughs at how horrible my wrapping is compared to his beautiful wrapping. My grandma was really good at it too, pristine. She used to show me, but my never looked good ever.

    The christmas tree shelf is beautiful too. Although I'd probably actually use the shelves and decorate with lights.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  6. I'm "classic." (Well, I like to think so, too!) Fun quiz link!

  7. So many amazing finds! That driftwood tree is awesome! I want that in my imaginary beach house!

  8. Ok so I pretty much love all of these and would love them in my house. That Christmas tree made out of logs on the wall. That JOY wire sign. And that beautiful wrapping paper! Love it all!

  9. Happy late birthday to Mike!!! K and seriously we have the same taste because I love ALL of these so much!!! Like holy cow, that Joy sign?!!?! SOOO cute! I wanted to take that quiz but my dumb work computer has the website blocked dangit!

  10. I saw some bubble letter ornaments like those at Target, darling. Not surprising, I got "classic", big fan of traditional.

  11. Oh I love everything here! That wrapping paper is great!