Thursday, March 17, 2016

Today I Confess

... that almost every day this week has felt like a Friday to me. We're almost there. I think it's probably because Mike was off from work all week for March Break.

... that I'm not celebrating St. Patrick's Day today. I know it's customary for everyone to join in but I'm not Irish so it doesn't make sense for me to celebrate. I mean, non-Polish people don't celebrate the Polish holidays! I feel like a total party pooper admitting this.

... that I loved reading everyone's middle name stories on Friday! It was so fun to see how many people were named after family members and some of the creative names that were given. Thank you all for sharing!

... that we still don't know if we're going on vacation during Easter. And it's a week away! If we go anywhere, it would be to Philadelphia for UNC basketball (Mike) and sightseeing (me). But we're trying to be smart with our money and maybe it's not the best idea. But yolo. Ah. Can't decide.

... that I set up an investment portfolio yesterday! I learned about risk vs reward and what I am comfortable with. This is for my RRSP so it's very long term but I'm super excited to have something in place.

... that the lilies Mike got me for International Women's Day are all open and so gorgeous! I posted a picture of them on last week's Confessions post and they looked so different then! Actually, there are still some buds that have not yet opened so they will be around for a good while longer. They live on my nightstand and I love waking up next to them every morning! I took this photo last night. I'd take pictures of flowers all day every day if I could.


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  1. That is so sweet that your husband bought you flowers for International Women's Day! I've never been into St. Patrick's Day either, but my husband's side is part Irish, so we at least wear green. :) It would be so exciting if you took a trip, but I hear you about saving money. Sometimes being an adult is such a bummer!

  2. The lilies are absolutely gorgeous!!! And I'll need to go check out what everyone said about middle names--that always interests me!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Lent flew by so quickly/ I can't believe its almost Easter. Time needs to slow down!

  4. I have felt like it's been a day ahead this week as well! I don't celebrate St. Patrick's day either...maybe if it was on a weekend I would, but not this year lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. those flowers are gorgeous! What a sweet hubby! :)

  6. My week was all off last week so I know what you mean. And still loving your gorgeous flowers! I really need some for my office! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  7. those flowers are so gorgeous! I've never really celebrated st. patrick's day- and actually didn't even realize it was today until I saw instagram, haha. And at least tomorrow is finally really Friday :)

  8. I need Mike's job haha! Our students get next week off, but staff still work all week except Friday.

    I thought yesterday was St. Patty's Day and wore green and today I have nothing green on haha.

    No vacation for us this Easter, but Easter always holds a special place for us, (when Kyle asked me to be his girlfriend and then wife on the successive easter).

    The lilies are so nice! :)

    liz @ j for joiner

  9. I say go on the vacation. You probably need the recharge and it would be fun to get away.

  10. Don't feel bad, we're not celebrating St. Patty's either, and I'm part Irish. Oops. I am, at least, wearing my green!

  11. Look at you with a portfolio! #Adulting ;) I never do St Pattys stuff until this year. I was highly motivated by some other bloggers and it just came together. Of course its for the girls Im not getting green beer or anything lol.

  12. Girl, go on vacation!!! Be spontaneous! Once you have kids, the spontaneous and carefree vacations go away, so enjoy it while it lasts!
    (not to say that all fun goes away, but it does take a significant amount of planning!)

  13. I love that the flowers are on your nightstand. What a wonderful site to wake up to every morning!

    And now I'm curious about everyone else's middle name stories so I'm going back to that post to read the comments! :)

  14. AWWW!! That is so great!!! Woman power! hehe. Also, I don't celebrate St. Patty's day either. :p

    Also, I'd love to invite you to enter my super cute artisan made fair trade bundle! Open to US and Canada! See you soon on my bloggie!

    Ethical Fashion + Faith