Tuesday, September 27, 2016

C u r r e n t l y

Gosh it's been a minute since I wrote a proper update on things. The easiest way I could think to do so is a good ol' fashioned Currently post.
I am struggling to not buy more of Kylie's lip kits. I got my first one last week and I'm obsessed. I think I'll write a review post about it after a few more uses. Spoiler alert, so far it's amazing.

Work work work work work.

Still dreaming about moving. I would ideally like to build a new house through a builder and apparently a new phase will be released in our preferred area in a few months. We don't need to move any time soon so a long closing would work perfectly. But with housing prices soaring at an insane pace, I am nervous about the price points!

It's 50/50 between PSLs (where are the fall cups?) and Booster Juice smoothies (Canada's answer to Jamba Juice)

I am obsessed with chicken pot pies from Costco lately. It's the best one I have ever tried and you can't beat the price! Now we just need to renew our membership...

Young House Love has a Podcast. That's the name of the podcast. I was a total fangirl of YHL so I'm ecstatic that John and Sherry are back in some form!

Our trip to North Carolina in a few weeks! I love any and all vacations but visiting the South is always a good time. We plan on catching a college football game and drinking sweet tea to our hearts' content.

Amy Schumer's book. I got it as one of the books in my blogger swap. I love it and it made me really like her. There's so much more to her than just her jokes! I recommend.

I watched the first episode of This Is Us last night. Oh my gosh. Incredible. This show already has me hooked and I've only seen one episode! Has anyone else seen it?

My work has a casual dress code during the summer months so we are back to normal office attire now and I'm so excited! My wardrobe basically consists of summer dresses, comfy sweats, and work clothes. I find it really challenging to dress "down" but still office appropriate. Plus dress pants are way more comfortable than jeans. #ihatejeans

That the construction on my street won't last long. I know it'll be much better when it's done but I want to be able to park in my driveway!

If my eye infection is actually healed. It was pretty bad last week and today was the first day I wore contacts for an extended period of time. They still don't feel 100% but at least I can see when I apply my makeup!


  1. I've wanted to read Amy's book. She cracks me up. This Is Us is SOOOO good! I can't wait for tonight's show.

  2. I'm the opposite - jeans are way more comfy than dress pants! in fact, I have zero dress pants in my closet LOL.

  3. So glad to hear someone else say they hate jeans! I love how they look, and scoop up one too many pairs but once they're on I hate life. They're so uncomfortable! Work pants are definitely more comfy for sure. And YAY for another trip coming up especially one that involves football :-D
    Green Fashionista

  4. Ohh definitely do a review on the kylie lip kit! I've seen them around a ton, but haven't actually heard anyone talk about them! I had one of the iced salted caramel mochas from starbucks a few weeks ago and wish I hadn't tried it because it was soo good! Love your work outfit-- the yellow with the polka dots is so cute!

  5. Oh my goodness, wasn't This is Us just phenomenal?! My jaw literally dropped at the end... surely didn't see that one coming! And I'm hoping that this can help patch the Parenthood void inside my heart.

  6. I loved This is Us, too. The premiere was just so dang good! I love your work outfit - those pants with those shoes is one of my favorite types of looks!

  7. Your trip to North Carolina will be so much fun, and plus it'll give you the chance to getaway from the cold! I loved the premier of This Is Us, and I can't wait to watch another episode tonight! I'm also wanting to know where the fall cups are! They're always so pretty and make me feel extra basic!

  8. I’ve heard such great things about the Kylie lip kits, but I have never tried them. That color looks great on you! What? Why didn’t I know about the YHL podcasts? I used to follow their blog! Love them! This Is Us was so good! I can’t wait to watch the new one tonight!!

  9. I'm so excited for the 2nd episode of this is us!! Still haven't had a psl yet...eek! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  10. We want to eventually build too but there aren't any available lots where we live! You will be close to us in a few weeks!!

  11. I'm sharing my "currently" tomorrow and we have the same "listening too"!!! And yes, I watched This Is Us and love it too!!

  12. I usually hate jeans, too. I prefer dress pants when it's cold and dresses when it's warm.

  13. Chicken pot pies!!!! Yum! You know, I should really try to make my own. Can't be that hard, right?!

    I could handle having a PSL right about now. :)

  14. I have loved This is Us so far. I need to watch this weeks episode too though. I haven't tried Costco's chicken pot pies, but now I really want to. Thanks for the suggestion!