Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Christmas Preparations

My living room right now:


Christmas seems to creep in earlier and earlier every year. A couple days before Halloween, I went to the dollar store to pick up a couple extra Halloween decorations and the seasonal section already switched over to Christmas stuff! I couldn't believe it. So this post may seem premature but I bet you can't tell me that you haven't watched a Christmas commercial or two or driven past a couple houses with their lights up!

Every year my first order of business is finding the perfect Christmas cards. I aim to send them out on December 1st which means that the search begins early November. This time I really wanted to order custom cards with our photo on them. I recruited my mom to take a couple of pictures of Mike and I last weekend and I chose a cute design from Vista Print. I got a notification that my customer photo cards have already shipped and I can't wait to see how they turn out! I will definitely share them closer to Christmas after all my family and friends get them in the mail.

I feel like I am the last blogger on the planet to not have a Christmas tree up. And while I am definitely feeling the Christmas spirit already (especially when I got to Target's holiday section!), I just can't bring myself to do it this early. It'll probably happen within the next couple of weeks but not quite yet. We bought a couple of stockings this year which will mark my first time ever having a stocking! My family didn't have the tradition of hanging them from the fireplace and stuffing them with deodorant or whatever goes in them. By the way, what goes in them? Mike and I are doing each other's and I have ZERO idea what to stick in there!

I have started thinking about what gifts to get others and thankfully I have a lot of time because the ideas aren't flowing! I'm looking forward to those gift guides!

Have you started preparing for the holidays? Is it still too early for you too? Do you do photo cards?

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  1. You are not the last blogger to put up a tree. My hubby won't let me do it until after thanksgiving. Stockings are my absolut favorite part. I grew up with them filled with cds, movies, fun jewelry, little things my mom knew we'd like, etc. I'm similar only I put things in the kids stockings with a purpose.

  2. We still haven't put up our tree yet, either! It'll wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving at least. Can't wait to start getting into all of the Christmas cheer & decorations though! :)

  3. Our tree won't go up until the first weekend of December but since we get a real one it won't last if we put it up much earlier than that!

  4. No seriously....I would decorate like that now....but we just got a puppy and he has no self control just yet. And this was the year we were going to get a full size Christmas tree, oh well next year it is! I love how gorgeous yours is every year!

  5. I actually got really excited when I saw your picture and read the first sentence...I love Christmas decorations! I am actually doing all mine this weekend. I like coming home after Thanksgiving and having it all set and done. Tomorrow I am sharing some stocking ideas - maybe the list will give you a few ideas!

  6. You are totally not the last blogger to do your tree! I am! THinking the last weekend of November sometime! And yeah, before halloween is just a little cray!

  7. I want to start decorating right now! I can't wait for all of the Christmas things this year! And I think that stockings are kind of your own unique thing and people always put random things in there. I always know that we'll get a gift card, a piece of fruit, lottery scratch off tickets, and another snack in our stockings.

  8. I have to admit I think I started watching Christmas movies a few days before Halloween this year, haha. And if we used a fake tree it would probably already be up-- but we usually wait until the weekend of Thanksgiving. I can't wait to see the cards you guys picked out!

  9. we dont have a tree up yet but only because my husband won't let anyone put anything up until dec 1 #rude.

    that said, i have finished half of my christmas shopping :)