Thursday, March 30, 2017

Guys Behind The Blog - March

Hi friends! Happy spring! It's Guys Behind the Blog day today!

Sadly this will be my last month hosting the link-up. While I have loved it to bits, things in life are getting busier and busier. I am now officially in my third trimester (!) and once Baby comes, that will be my #1 priority. So I am leaving the hosting duties to my very capable and gorgeous co-hosts. I definitely plan on linking up from time to time because this is one of my favourite posts!

But now I'm turning the mic over to Mike. Here are his answers to some fun "would you rather" questions!


Q: Would you rather have your dream job and make less money or have a job you hate and make tons of money? 
A: Unfortunately, money talks. My dream job would probably consist of watching basketball and baseball all day. I could stay at home and do that for less money, but I'd also be unemployed. I remember when I discovered that unfortunately you probably won't enjoy your job, but you just find the positives and do what you have to do to pay the bills and live the kind of lifestyle you want outside of work. Work is nothing more than a means to an end.

Q: Would you rather play a hero or a villain in a movie?
A: I don't really enjoy being disliked unless I dislike the people who dislike me, so I'd go with being the hero. It's always more fun to be adored than it is to be hated.

Q: Would you rather always have to say what's on your mind or never be able to speak again?
A: While always having to say what's on your mind could land you in some hot water, I'd rather be transparent about who I am than to be silent and having people wonder. If I was silent all the time, I'd probably have no friends. If I said everything that was on my mind, at least the people who liked me would like me for who I truly am.

Q: Would you rather go back in time and meet your ancestors or go into the future to meet your great grandchildren?
A: I'm definitely more fascinated with the future than the past, so I'd like to go into the future to meet my great grandchildren. My ancestors didn't speak English, so that would probably be a bit of a challenge as I understand neither Greek nor Italian. I'd love to see my descendants and how they'll live their lives.

Q: Would you rather swim in the Arctic Ocean with nothing but a swim suit (no wet suit) or walk through the desert in the middle of summer having to wear sweat pants and a sweat shirt?
A: Given that I'd probably end up dying in either circumstance, I'd choose the desert. I prefer the heat to cold, and at least I have some sweet hoodies and sweats. I'd die wearing my favourite Carolina hoodie. Nobody wants any part of seeing me in a wetsuit.

Q: Would you rather live like a king but have no friends and family or be homeless with your friends and family?
A: What good is being a King and living like one if you have nobody to share it with? Being lonely sucks. I'd take being homeless with a ton of friends. At least I'd have somebody to share moments with and a group of people to maybe help me get out of being homeless. 


Like I said before, this was my last episode of Guys Behind The Blog that I will be hosting. For details on next month, visit Crystal from Hall Around TexasJamie from Cocktails and Carseats, or Jessica from Secrets of a Stay at Home Mom!


  1. We will miss you co-hosting, but totally understand and can't wait to hear that your sweet baby is here. :)

  2. My gosh, he is so in depth with his answers! I love it!
    Seth was being so literal. I had to ask him to explain on some so I wouldn't just have one word answers. LOL!

  3. Aww, his answers all are so sweet!!!

  4. I love the question about whether you'd want to meet your grandchildren or your ancestors! So interesting!